Top 200 Drugs

Together with Prof. Gottfried Sedelmeier I created posters of the “Top 200 Drugs by Worldwide Sales in 2011″ and the “Top 200 Drugs by Worldwide Sales in 2013″. The posters shows the drugs, their sales in 2011 and 2013, respectively, according to IMS Health and their target.

An article on the 2011 poster appeared in the Nachrichten aus der Chemie  (issue 5, 2013, 528-529). An article on the 2013 poster apperared in issue 10, 2014, page 997 of the same journal. GDCh members can download the poster here:

As this is a public website I may not distribute the posters here, because they use IMS sales data, but if you’re interested you can send me an e-mail via the contact form. Please clearly state your name, position and purpose.

As an “appetizer” and for those who are lazy I also provide here a poster of the “Top 150 Drugs by Worldwide Sales 2013″ with sales data compiled from the annual reports of the most important pharmaceutical companies (for further details see footnote of the poster).

If you experience any problems printing the poster, find any mistakes, or things you find insufficient or misleading please contact me!

General purpose version, printable up to DIN B0: TOP150_2013.pdf

A similar poster of the “Top 120 Drugs by Worldwide Sales 2011″ compiled from annual reports, printable up to DIN B0: TOP120.pdf